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World's Top 20 AI Drug Development Companies

XtalPi named as one of World's Top 20 AI Drug Development Companies

XtalPi Announces the Closing of $46 Million Series B-1 Extension

to support XtalPi’s continuous market growth and expand the application of its technology into new areas of pharmaceutical research.

How Quantum Physics and AI is Disrupting Drug Discovery & Development

XtalPi helps scientists predict and optimize the crystalline form (seen above) of a potential drug molecule.

XtalPi Inc. Announces Strategic Research Collaboration with Pfizer Inc

to Develop Artificial Intelligence-Powered Molecular Modeling Technology for Drug Discovery

AI Biotech XtalPi Closes Series B Round Funding from Sequoia China, Google, and Tencent

To date, XtalPi has raised over 20 million USD, making it one of the top-funded AI-powered biotechs.

XtalPi and AMRI's SSCI Enter Into Joint Research Agreement

This collaboration serves to explore and showcase how XtalPi’s algorithm-based solution could accelerate the drug solid-form screening and designing process.

AWS China: XtalPi Featured In Case Study By Amazon Web Services

Thanks to AWS and Spot Instances, we were able to build a flexible and scalable high-performance-computing cluster in the cloud, and reach an ideal cost efficiency.